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We are very thankful for and take great pride in our many years of service to the community. Since our beginning in 1955, we have been directly responsible for raising over $50,000,000. This is money which has been spent to help solve our nation’s most pressing health problem: mental illness. It is a sad fact that more people suffer from mental illness disorders than all other diseases combined.

This year opens a new chapter in The Thalians’ long history. With the same passion and dedication that has served our history so well, The Thalians are now focusing on the mental health needs of America’s Wounded Warriors. Through UCLA’s “Operation Mend” program, our goal will be to “Heal our returning heroes…. in body, MIND, and spirit”.

We are volunteers. Our membership is made up of people from all walks of life. We work hard, and play hard, at our humanitarian task. We make significant contributions for the betterment of the lives of thousands of people who need our services. We may never know the patients, their families and loved ones, but the good that these six decades have brought is known. It is seen in the eyes of the children, the smiles of teens and young people, and it is truly measured in the normalization and improvement of the lives of our center’s adult patients. We share in their joy as they leave crisis and anguish behind for happier lives.

We are looking forward to more decades of service. That future promises much, but needs the help of fresh hands at the helm. We continually seek new members and supporters; fresh ideas and enthusiasm have always been the secrets of our success.

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    Movie star James Dean and Swiss born actress Ursula Andress attend the Thalian Ball on August 29 1955 at Ciro’s nightclub in Los Angeles

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    Ruta Lee and Debbie Reynolds during 51st Annual Thalians Ball